Gear test: Loon Rogue Quick-draw mitten clamps

I use hemostats a lot on the water, particularly for trout I intend to release—it just makes hook removal easier, and there's less contact with the fish's slime coat and less potential for mortality after release. 

But traditional hemostats, for a big guy like me with fat fingers, can be a bit unwieldy. Often my thumb or forefinger get caught in the handle, and the whole release process gets a bit awkward. Enter the new Loon Rogue Quick-draw mitten clamps, which are designed for cold-weather use where anglers might be wearing gloves or mittens. And that makes perfect sense—the handle is big, and only enclosed on one side. They're ideal for mitten-wearing fishers who want to quickly release winter trout or pinch a barb on the water.

But for me, these clamps have become a streamside staple, no matter the season. I have bigger hands than most, and these clamps make for a much more comfortable release. They're strong and sturdy and, so far, have been indestructible. Just as important, their weight is comparable to a solid pair of hemostats. I've even used them in saltwater, where I generally take pliers, not clamps, and I've had no problems with durability or performance. As an added feature, they double as scissors, and can trim tippet or leader. It may not seem like a serious bonus, but wait until you're on the water. It's a big deal. They're a bargain a just under $30.

If you're after something new to help you release fish, pinch barbs or secure weights, consider these clamps. They're ergonomically superior and every bit as effective as traditional clamps, with added scissors to prevent you from having to reach for the nippers as often. 

— Chris Hunt



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