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With robust populations of cutthroats, brown and rainbow trout, and legendary populations of big game, the Thompson Divide is a place worth protecting. Unfortunately, it is also a place under threat from energy development. 

Trout Unlimited is working to with a diverse group of sportsmen to permanently withdraw 220,000 acres of the Thompson Divide from future energy development through the passage of the Thompson Divide Withdrawal and Protection Act, introduced by Senator Michael Bennet in April of 2013. With thick groves of aspen, flanked by open grassy meadows, this area should maintain it's status as one of the most pristine places left in the West. With more than 100,000 acres of roadless lands, a dozen populations of cutthroat trout, and an elk herd any hunter could envy, the Thompson Divide must be prioritized by the agencies tasked with managing it and left for future generations to enjoy.

Write or call Senator Michael Bennet and express your support for the Thompson Divide Withdrawal and Protection Act.

You can reach him at:

458 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-5852

Also visit the Senator's  website  to become a citizen co-sponsor of the legislation and be sure to express your support for protecting the Thompson Divide with your Congressional Representative.



Trout Unlimited has formed the Sportsmen for Thompson Divide coalition, which is bringing sportsmen, conservation organizations and local business to the table to find equitable solutions which will protect this gem for generations to come. The coalition is reaching out to decision makers to help the voice of the sportsmen who love this place be heard.

We are also working with energy companies to find common ground through solutions that will keep this important habitat intact. The Thompson Divide is arguably the most pristine, high fish and wildlife value area in the lower 48 that is slated for development. From large tracts of unroaded backcountry for wild game and clear, cool cutthroat streams to some of the source waters of the Gold Medal Roaring Fork River and the playground for all stripes of recreationists, the Thompson Divide is a truly a landscape that should not be developed.


The Thompson Divide Withdrawal and Protection Act was introduced by Senator Michael Bennet in April of 2013 and continues to work it's way through the process. In the meantime, the coalition continues to grow and build momentum.

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